Camel & Cattle Bone Scales

We are introduce you Camel & Cattle Bone Scales. These Bone Scales are made of real bone of camel, cow, buffalo and zebu. These Bone Scales are using in knives handles, sword handle and also using in gun grips. Our Company are preparing export quality bone scales in our own factory which is located in India. The Bone Scales is smooth knife handles materials, It’s comes in different shades and colours. It has been prepared in Fully White, Dyed Stabilized Colour, Dyed Stabilized Jigged Colour and many more.

We R M Exports manufacturer and Exporter our goods in USA, Canada, European Countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and many more countries. Kindly use our good quality Camel & Cattle Bone Scales in your business and grow your business. We keep our prices very reasonable and cost effective.

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