Amber Bone Saddle Blank ® All Style Available



Amber Bone Saddle Blank ® All Style Available


Amber bone Saddle Blanks is the traditional choice for making nuts and saddles on quality instruments and it is by far the most popular. While it is white there are subtle color variations that add to the beauty of this natural material.

>> Made In India
>> 100% Vintage Collection
>> 100% Original Bone Material
>> Smooth and Finished Product
>> Ready to Use
>> Verified Supplier
>> Free Worldwide Shipping

If you do not find the size, shape, you are looking for, we can custom cut to your specifications. To get a quote please to this email what you are looking for. We will contact you asap.

Saddle Blank are sold in per piece/unit.

For bulky requirement, Please write an email to us, we will contact as quickly as possible.

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We are offer high class quality guitar accessories. We have Amber Bone Saddle Blank in different style (Fender Style, Gibson Style, Martin Style and Taylor Style). Also We offer same above products in Amber Bone Nut, Vintage Bone and Dyed Bone. Many luthiers and guitar manufacturers prefer bone guitar saddle for their instruments. Its density and minimal porosity are features that yield good intonation and clarity.

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Amber Orange


1/8" x .470" x 3.5" (Gibson®), 1/8" x .470" x 3.5" (Taylor®), 1/8" x .470" x 3" (Gibson®), 1/8" x .470" x 3" (Taylor®), 1/8" x .470" x 4.20" (Gibson®), 1/8" x .470" x 4.20" (Taylor®), 1/8" x .470" x 4" (Gibson®), 1/8" x .470" x 4" (Taylor®), 3/32" x .470" x 3.5" (Martin®), 3/32" x .470" x 3" (Martin®), 3/32" x .470" x 4.2" (Martin®), 3/32" x .470" x 4" (Martin®)


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