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Black Palm Wood Knife Scales, Stabilized

$ 2.50$ 8.50

Black Palm Wood from Southeast Asia has a brown background streaked with elongated dark brown and black vascular bundles. This wood is hard and heavy and the bundles can be quite stringy, so extremely sharp tools are required.

Products Features :

  • Beautiful Polished Made of Real Black Palm Wood
  • Compact, Durable / Long Lasting
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Reasonable Price
  • Handmade/Designed by Craftsmen
  • Discount Option for Bulk Orders

If you do not find the size, shape you are looking for, we can custom cut to your specifications. To get a quote please to this email what you are looking for. We will contact you asap.

Scales are sold in per pair/set (2 pieces)
Blocks are sold in per piece/unit (1 Pieces)

The product in the photo represents a sample only. Actual order may differ from photo.