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These high quality bone beads made of newly bone materials. Bone Beads has made from camel bone, buffalo bone materials, therefore this is very strong, durable, unique and smooth.

♥ Handmade In India
♥ 100% Original Bone Beads, Stabilized Colored
♥ Smooth and Finished Product
♥ Verified Supplier & Exporter
♥ Free Worldwide Shipping

♥ Delivery time : 15-20 days

For bulky requirement, Please write an email to us, we will contact as quickly as possible.

Note: due to the handcrafted nature of the natural materials used in these malas their bead sizes can vary by 1mm.

♥ Loose Bone Beads are sold in 100 pieces per lot, all above price for 100 pieces. (1 Lot = 100 pieces)

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Bone Beads are made from camel bone materials and look Natural White; the color of Ivory. Camel Bone Beads are available in White, Dyed Stabilized Amber, and Dyed Stabilized Red. Camel bone Beads are came from Camel bone and are Natural White (Ivory look). Amber Bone Beads are came from Camel bone and are bleached (with hydrogen peroxide) to an Amber color. Red Bone Beads are dyed from the Amber color. All of the bone Beads are handmade. The Thin Bone Beads are very thin and are useful for light, fine designs. The Cactus Bone Beads have short grooves running lengthwise and look like Saguaro Cactus. All of the Bone Beads are handmade in India. These Craftsmen are part of a long tradition of making Beads of Bone in India.


Blue, Green, Mixed Color, Brown, Orange, Purple, Red


10 MM, 12 MM, 6 MM, 8 MM


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