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Buffalo Horn Pen Blanks

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Buffalo Horn Pen Blanks

Buffalo Horn Pen Blanks is natural material. It’s look very Shiny, elegant and perfect color for Beautiful Pen Handles. The rich, dark coloring of genuine buffalo horn will nicely complement the hardware on almost any pen kit.

Water Buffalo Horn Pen Blanks is an all-natural material with an exotic look and glassy feel. We’re offering these blanks pre-rounded, which makes it far easier for you to clamp them in place for drilling, and to turn them to final dimension. Buffalo horn turns well and polishes to a nice gloss. You can use them whole, or glue slices of it into laminated blanks for striking contrast. 

Water Buffalo Horn Pen Blanks made from horn have a deep rich color and feel that is unlike anything else. If you want to give a gift made from unique natural materials, this material is for you! Buffalo Horn is sourced from managed domesticated herds, maintained by the Indian Department of Husbandry and Dairying. This material was obtained post-harvest and none of the animals were killed simply for their horns.

These Polished Water Buffalo Horn Knife Scales or buffalo horn slabs are from Indian Water Buffalo. Bubalus Bubalis is Scientific name of Buffalo Horn and Cattle Bone Products. The HS Code 96019030 & 96019040 of all the bone and horn products.

Please note : The animals not harvested for their horns and it is byproduct of processing.

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3/4" x 5", 3/4” x 6”, ¾” x 5 ½”, 5/8" x 5", 7/8" x 5"

24 reviews for Buffalo Horn Pen Blanks

  1. Stuart Hendrick

    This make a very nice looking pen. Some horns have white streaks which adds to the character.

  2. Michael W Gleason

    This horn is a nice dense material that turns more like an acrylic than horn. Finishes great and has almost no odor unlike most horns. Will definitely reorder.

  3. Gretchen C.

    Great blanks, stunning results, no polish for a very nice natural shine. I love the pen I made, and will for sure make more.

  4. Daniel Sullivan

    Turning a horn is a little different than wood or plastic, and requires a little more time, to complete, but the finished pen is fantastic.

  5. Carol

    Great value, horn was good quality. Made beautiful pens with chrome hardware

  6. Jeremy Cecil

    Great Polished finish, the buffalo horn blanks is very easy to work. It turns great and it carries a very high polish. The other great thing about the Buffalo horn blanks is that you get enough for multiple pens.

  7. Gail

    All good and easy delivery offered by RM Exports !!!

  8. Cathie Neel

    I have turned many of the buffalo horn blanks for use in fountain pens and all of them have come out absolutely beautiful. I have found no internal voids in the blanks nor have I had any problem whatsoever with the drilling. You just have to be patient, and use a low drilling speed. It takes me 3 to 4 minutes to drill each blank so I do not overheat it. I drill about 1/8 of an inch at a time and then back the drill bit out before proceeding. I’ve never experienced any cracking or splitting of the blank during or after drilling or turning. All of my customers are very pleased with the results and none of them have reported any cracks after several years of ownership. I have just been lucky…

  9. Thomas M Anderson

    I can only say one thing – Awesome product. No matter what I make out of them they sell. I plan to do more in the future. Thanks RM Exports for good quality pen blanks…

  10. Bradley

    These blanks are solid. If you use patience you’ll end up with a stunning pen. Very unique.

  11. Lee Brown

    They are not “Selling” their products, they’re connecting to you to buy right product which you need. great customer support.
    Thanks for helping hand my friend Ram.

  12. Karen Railey

    Buffalo horn pen blanks turns out very nice on a pen but a little more challenging to turn. Good Product and Awesome Customer Service

  13. Magnus Peterson

    I was looking for some buffalo horn pieces that were reasonably price. I saw these website on Google and I ordered them. They arrived on time and I was able to make items with them. Great product.

  14. Margie Foster

    I’ve always enjoyed turning antler but was unsure how this material would turn. I’m extremely pleased with how it turned. It comes as two cylindrical blanks. I think it’s close to 3/4 inch in diameter, and 5 1/2 to 6 inches long. When polished I think it screams elegance. Will buy more. Creates a beautiful pen.

  15. Ignacio

    I like it looks good when cut it smell like horn .horn has a smell to it.

  16. Heather Mendell

    These turned nicely and are a dream to work with.
    Great value for the money.

  17. Ronald Carter

    These Buffalo blanks make absolutely beautiful and classy pens.. We used them to make ultra cigar pens and they turned out really nice. Highly recommend this material!

  18. Zdeno Mayercak

    These horn blanks are beautiful. I had immediate requests for more items with this horn blanks.

  19. Mark Forsyth

    Valió la pena el tiempo y el esfuerzo. Este material era fácil de trabajar y se veía bien pulido. Hace hermosos bolígrafos.

    Translate Spanish into English
    Worth the time and effort, This material was easy to work and highly polished looking good. It makes beautiful pens.

  20. William Hinmon



  21. Doug

    Excellent blanks
    I have done dozens of buffalo horn pens blanks and this blank is much easier to work with. It polished to a nice shine with no added finish. I would recommend trying it.

  22. John Wilde

    Great looking/feeling natural material. Great selection and great customer service. staff there spent tons of time with me making sure left with something, I was happy with this service.

  23. Georgia

    Recommend, Very nice. So Impressed with this that I ordered more!!!

  24. Daniel Thibodeau

    I purchased these buffalo horn blanks for the first time. I have to say that I was a bit skeptical and thought that the finish would be difficult to achieve. After I used the product, the finish of the project was very good, and it is a great story to tell about the type of material you are using. I would recommend this to anyone.

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